How Commercial Fencing Can Enhance Your Business

Aluminum Fence Around Park


Did you know that commercial fencing for both small and large business owners can increase revenue and overall efficiency for your business model? Commercial fencing installation provides benefits like privacy, access control, storage, security, and many others which directly influence your customers, operational processes, and employees.


Here are 6 benefits of installing a commercial fence for your business in Baton Rouge!


1. Safety and Security

Safety and security are commonly the first thoughts when business owners discuss commercial fence installation for their property. From classic chain fencing to ornate wrought-iron fencing, these enclosures will eliminate unwanted solicitors or trespassers who might impose liability or invoke a dangerous threat to your employees. This is particularly important if some of your staff work late hours or if your building is near a highly trafficked area. We know it is your top priority to protect your company, so we recommend enhancing protection on your commercial fence by attaching a visible security camera! If you prioritize your employee's safety then they will feel valued, which can often increase employee retention and lead to a successful business. 


2. Access Control

Access control goes hand-in-hand with security and gives you control over who enters your office building. This is important because uninvited guests or unwanted traffic could deter business operations and productivity. Access control enhances security and can deter potential thefts or burglaries. 


3. Storage

Storage is something we often forget about when installing a commercial fence, but it is a HUGE benefit our business owners love to use! Building an enclosed, secure commercial fence will extend the parameters of your storage space and become an affordable alternative to paying monthly storage unit bills. Commercial fencing makes it possible for you to place a weather-proof storage container, like a POD, on your property or mobile trailers - which can act as an extended work space for employees, the options are endless!


4. Privacy 

Privacy is key for your business to operate efficiently and productively, installing a commercial fence can decrease distraction and increase focus on your daily tasks. Commercial fencing is also a great noise deterrent because it keeps your local community many yards away from your physical building. We understand that running a company is a full-time job and privacy is a key factor in creating a productive work environment, and ultimately becoming successful.


5. Property Value

Commercial fencing adds high-quality design, privacy, security, and every other benefit we’ve mentioned - which are all important factors when appraising a property value. If your business outgrows your current location, then you can highlight these commercial fencing benefits to increase your property value and attract potential buyers! Buyers will look at these commercial fencing assets as positive features and it will help with adequate negotiations!


6. Pets

Last, but certainly not least is our beloved pets! Today, it is common for small business owners and staff to bring their pets to work. A commercial fence allows your pet to roam outside safely and can save you money on services like doggy-daycare or save you from feeling guilty about leaving your pet at home.


Read about our commercial fencing installations, preparations, and repairs in Baton Rouge and surrounding southern areas, contact our finance department to fund your commercial fencing installation, or fill out our simple financing calculator to get a project cost estimate! We look forward to hearing from you.