10 Signs You Need Commercial Fence Repair in Baton Rouge

1. Discoloration

Discoloration on your commercial fence is common for vinyl fences and a natural response to weather and outside matter like grass clippings growing and interacting with your fence -  however, it is an easy problem to fix! Simply, hose off the discoloration and use a soapy washcloth to rub out the stained area. It’s important to neutralize the stain with bleach or vinegar, so it doesn’t produce mold, algae, or any other invasive growth on your commercial fence! If you don’t have time to take care of this discoloration, give Supreme Fencing a call and we will tell you about our popular fence repair options.  

2. Damage From Storms or Accidents

In Baton Rouge, Prairieville, and the surrounding Louisiana areas we are no strangers to storms. Summer rainstorms and hurricane seasons can enact severe trauma on your commercial fence, wood commercial fences, along with others, are at high risk for storm damage. Wind, flooding, heavy rain, and humidity all compromise the integrity, style, and security of your commercial fence. Give us a call at Supreme Fencing for fence repairs or replacement commercial fences.

3. Pest Damage 

While wood commercial fencing is eco-friendly and classic, it’s also the type of commercial fencing at high risk for pest damage. Pests, such as termites, woodpeckers, beetles, and carpenter ants can compromise your wood commercial fence. Signs of pests damage include:

  • Holes
  • Acidic Droppings from Birds
  • Chewed/Uneven Beams
  • Soft Spots

If you see any of these signs, then contact Supreme Fencing and we will come to take care of your commercial fence repair. 

4. Sagging or Leaning Fence Posts

Regardless of what the material of your commercial fence is, whether it is aluminum, chainlink, wrought iron, or any material in between - your fence posts are necessary for maintaining structure. Your commercial fence posts may need repair from Supreme Fencing if the post’s foundation begins to crumble or deteriorate. Sometimes, leaning commercial fence posts can be repaired with repair brackets, but it’s best to contact an expert to know for sure.

5. Fence Board Damage

Broken boards are some of the most common repairs needed to keep your commercial fence intact. Between insects, weather, and general uncontrollable conditions it is natural for boards to crack, dent, or deteriorate. Luckily, this is a relatively simple repair and we recommend calling in one of our experienced team members for a quick and efficient solution!  

6. Noisy Hinges

Commercial fences almost always come with gates, and we all know that gates need hinges for smooth accessibility! Pay attention to the performance of your hinges, if your commercial fence has noisy hinges it is indicating that your gate is vulnerable to breaking. Once your gate is broken, this could become a massive security issue. Hinges move multiple times a day and need proper lubrication and repair. To ensure your commercial fence is keeping you safe, contact one of our experts at Supreme Fencing. 

7. Cracking Near the Ground

A commercial fence, if built properly, should have a slight and even gap between its bottom side and the ground, soil, or mulch. If you notice this gap size decreasing or your fence becoming closer to the ground, then it could indicate massive instability. Sometimes this cracking is caused due to soil shifting around and sometimes it’s simply the fence’s structure - either way, it is best to call a repair service before the entire structure becomes unstable. 

8. Visible Rust

Wrought iron is one of the most elegant and sturdy options for commercial fencing, but its sturdy material is highly susceptible to rust. Rust often occurs in the joint areas of your structure, so it’s best to check there first when you’re evaluating your commercial fence repair. While rust can impact your wrought iron fence by making it weaker, rust can also be dissolved by scrubbing in addition to using relevant spray products. We recommend taking preventative measures by using an anti-rust product a few times a year. 

9. Bending

While wrought iron and other commercial fences are tough, they are still susceptible to bending, while epoxy-type products can be helpful here, they are not a permanent solution. Finding an expert to properly weld the fragile areas will take care of the problem. Contact one of our repair experts today at Supreme Fencing to take care of your bending needs.

10. Desire a New Fence or Aesthetic! 

Sometimes it’s just time for a change, right? It is fun, exciting, and often profitable to renovate aspects of your commercial building through professional renovations. If you would like to have the commercial fence of your dreams, that fits all of your aesthetic needs, then give us a call at Supreme Fencing - we look forward to hearing from you.