Types of Residential Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fence

Nowadays, seeing a chain link fence surrounding your local school, park, and sports area is not a rare sight. Of course, any passerby knows how standard these fences are, but why are they so popular? Aside from the obvious benefits of protecting property from unwanted trespassers, here are some perks to installing a chain link fence with Supreme Fencing. 


  • Affordability: Chain link fencing is among the most affordable options for residential areas as it is easy to install, has a variety of cheap material options, and requires little maintenance after installation. 
  • Durability: Wood-style fences are beautiful, but nothing truly compares to the durability of steel and aluminum fencing. Chain-link fences are a no-brainer for anyone living in a harsher climate zone prone to severe weather conditions. 
  • Versatility: Believe it or not, chain-link fencing is very customizable as the material, height, gauge size, style, and overall design can be specified to fulfill one’s vision and every need. 


Different Chain Link Fence Materials 

One of the biggest reasons chain link fencing is the way to go is the vast array of materials you will have at your disposal during the design process. Whether you want to build something affordable, durable, or the best of both worlds, there is sure to be a material and style most suitable for your needs! 



Also known as zinc-coated, galvanized steel is the go-to material for chain installers. The gauges typically vary between 9-11 inches; this material does not rust, making it favorable for long-term use. 


Vinyl Coated

Similar to yet different from galvanized steel, fences coated with vinyl are optimal for families as their protective layer prevents unwanted contact with sharp metal and decreases the risk of injuries. Vinyl also comes in many colorways, making it a more stylistic choice for residential areas. 



A durable material, aluminum chain link fences are perfect for those living in harsh weather conditions, as they are lightweight and do not rust easily. In addition, its high tensile strength increases its longevity, making it a sustainable investment known to last 25 years!


Stainless Steel 

The toughest material of the bunch, fences crafted from stainless steel can endure some of the most extreme weather conditions, even Louisiana’s notorious hurricanes. This material is pricey but has unmatched durability, keeps shape for a long time, and is not susceptible to breakage. 


Different Fence Styles and Dimensions 

A common misconception of chain link fences is that they are eyesores and incapable of being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and that is just not the case. On the contrary, numerous styles and designs can enhance the look of a landscape rather than detract from it. Often used to protect sprawling estates and elaborate community gardens, here are some of the most popular chain link fence modifications seen in residential areas: 


  • Slatted privacy fences: Adding materials like links and slats to your design is a great way to transform your standard fence into something more pleasing to the eye, which also increases privacy! 
  • Woven fences: The more traditional chain fence pattern, you can customize it to fit your landscape by playing around with color vinyl and adjusting the gauge sizes to be smaller or larger!


Chain Link Fence Installation in Baton Rouge 

Whether you need to fence in a new home, community playground, neighborhood, sports complex, or any other residential area, look no further than the supreme fencing company in Louisiana, Supreme Fencing LLC! We would be happy to help you with any fencing needs you have. Please call or visit us in Baton Rouge to discuss future chain link fence installations!


Go to Supreme Fencing for a residential chain link fence installation; a versatile, sturdy, and affordable option for landowners looking to protect their property.