5 Things to Know Before Installing a Commercial Fence

Whatever kind of business you run, chances are you need a fence to keep your property secure. Commercial fencing options are generally quite different than residential fences: you might want a tall chain link fence to deter would-be criminals, or a wooden panel fence for privacy.

Regardless of your type of business, when you’re looking for a commercial fencing solution there are a few different things you should keep in mind.


Your Business’s Needs

Why does your business need a fence? Is your main concern privacy or security? You’ll also want to consider what type and number of gates your fence will need, whether you want a part of the yard easily accessible like a courtyard, and more. Of course, you’re only a phone call away from Supreme Fencing to discuss your options and needs.


Fence Placement

Another important consideration is fence placement: do you want to fence the entire property or only a portion? You’ll need to consider bushes, trees, and other plants in the proposed fence line, and whether they can be cleared or removed. If the fence is right up against a tree, it’ll allow easy access for climbers, rendering your fence mostly useless.


Your Company’s Budget

Of course, budget is a major consideration when planning for a fence. It’s important to tell the fencing company you hire what your budget is, and how flexible it is, before they start work. Due to changing material and fuel costs, as well as unforeseen circumstances, the price you’re quoted might change. While you can lock in the price with a contract, you can’t know exactly what a fence might cost you until you do.


Legal Permits

Many cities, including Baton Rouge, Prairieville, and other towns in South Louisiana, require a permit before constructing a fence. It’s important to check with your local planning office or zoning department for more information, so you can know just what kinds of fence you can build and where you can build it.


Installation Time Frame

After you’ve signed a contract with a fencing company, it usually takes somewhere between a week and a month to begin installation. How long it takes to finish your new fence installation is dependent on many factors, including the time of year, weather, construction delays, and material shipments. If you’ve got a strict time frame, be sure to clear the fence line and pay right away to speed up the process.


Expert-Installed, High Quality Fencing near Baton Rouge

When you’re ready to secure your commercial property with a beautiful and functional fence, contact the experts at Supreme Fencing, LLC. We’ve been performing expert commercial fencing installation in Southern Louisiana for years, so we know how to navigate the permits and other processes. Plus, our fair prices ensure you’ll have a good return on investment for your fencing.


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