Fence Repair Near Baton Rouge

fence repair in baton rouge

Professional Fence Repair Services in Baton Rouge

At Supreme Fencing we stand behind our quality and workmanship, but unfortunately we haven’t built every fence around, so when there is a need for fence repair near Baton Rouge, we will do our best to get your fence or gate back to its original state. We will come out to your property, assess the damage and make recommendations for repair. We repair all types of broken fences, including, but not limited to:

  • Wood Fences
  • Aluminum Fences
  • Wrought Iron Fences
  • Vinyl Fences
  • Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fence Repair Near Baton Rouge

A popular choice for its low cost and long life, chain link fencing may occasionally need repairs. Some common problems include bending, snapped links, and fallen posts (that bring the fence down with it). In an often weather-torn Louisiana, we have many years of experience with fixing damaged and fallen chain link fences


Vinyl Fence Repair Near Baton Rouge

Although it’s rare that you need to perform significant repairs on a vinyl fence, it may experience sagging, leaning, mildew growth or, in some cases, breaking. Our fencing experts can help to resolve these problems, restoring your vinyl fence to its former sleek glory!


Wood Fence Repair Near Baton Rouge

Wood is a popular fence choice for its natural look and long-lasting durability, but can experience cracks, broken or fallen boards, or even rotting. We’re well aware and experienced when it comes to these common issues and can help restore beauty and functionality to your wooden fence!


Wrought Iron Fence Repair Near Baton Rouge

One of the most common problems of wrought iron fencing is rusting, and in rarer occasions, breaking. Rusting can occur when paint chips off, exposing the iron and causing rust in spots. The sooner you contact our team about rusting issues or a broken gate, the better your fence restoration will be!


Aluminum Fence Repair Near Baton Rouge

Aluminum fencing tends to be a low maintenance and long lasting fence option, but can be susceptible to blunt force or strong weather, causing damage or falling. This isn’t a problem for the experts here at Supreme Fencing, as we have extensive experience in repairing aluminum fences!


Professional Fence Repair Near Baton Rouge

Although our locations are in Prairieville and Baton Rouge, our service areas extend from Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, all the way out to Slidell and New Orleans and everything in between. Supreme Fencing is here to help, we offer FREE quotes and 100% customer satisfaction before leaving the job site. Supreme Fencing has many years of experience in fence repair and installation, so call us today and let our team fix your broken fence! No matter if you have a broken residental fence or a broken commercial fence, Supreme Fencing is here for you! 

If you want to avoid your fence falling and breaking due to all of the rain and weather in southern Louisiana, which can cause erosion, be sure to check out Supreme Fencing's Erosion Control! Avoid the mess and hassle of getting your fence fixed, especially during storm season!

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Popular Questions

How do you maintain a fence?

It’s suggested to clean your fence every 2-3 Years, a pressure washer will make the job easier and will remove dirt, mildew and greying. After you have cleaned the fence, let the wood dry and then coat with a UV inhibiting, water-repellent coating.

How do you maintain a wooden fence?
How often do you need to seal a fence?
How do I keep my fence from rotting?
Does a cedar fence need to be sealed?
How do you repair a metal fence?

Quality Fence Company, Let Supreme Fencing build your next fence, call us today for a FREE estimate, we take pride in our work and will build you a quality fence at an affordable price.

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