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Erosion Control

At Supreme Fencing we offer several types of erosion control services. While working on many construction sites we have dealt with temporary construction erosion and sediment control. This mainly deals with preventing or reducing the movement of sediment from a site during construction. With the implementation of man-made structures, we are able to slow down natural drainage, redirect flow or even stop in some cases, unwanted sediments. Supreme Fencing can help you get your work site up to code, so you can begin work and keep a well mainted work site.

Sediment control limits the amount of sediment that is carried into lakes, streams and rivers by storm water runoff. Sediments can carry nutrients and pollutants that contaminate water resources and can harm aquatic wildlife. It’s so important to properly plan construction site activities so that it reduces the impact of soil disturbance activities and in turn protecting nearby resources, which can reduce the cost of restorations. A construction plan that can limit sediment disturbance in potential problem areas will greatly reduce the negative impacts to local water and natural resources.

The site plan and SWPPP will need to control runoff and stabilize slopes, and limit the movement of soils into drainage systems and natural areas. A key factor in accomplishing these goals is reducing the amount of activities in one area, try to plan accordingly and spread the work if possible. Initial site work should include establishing protective buffer zones and setting up perimeter sediment controls.

During the course of construction, a variety of erosion prevention and sediment control practices may be necessary in order to stabilize slopes and drainageways, protect inlets, limit the formation of gullies and capture sediment. Let’s take a look at some common practices

Silt Fence

Uses: sediment control

Areas to Use: Perimeter, Slopes, Drainageways

Other: Drainage System Inlets

Method: Silt fence filters sediment from runoff by allowing water to pass through a geotextile fabric or by creating a pool to allow sediment to drop out of the water column. Silt fence is installed primarily at downslope boundaries of the work area but can also be used for inlet protection, and around the perimeter of stockpiles

Hay Wattle

Uses: sediment control

Areas to Use: Perimeter, Slopes, Drainageways

Other: Drainage System Inlets

Method: Fiber logs include straw, wood, or coconut fiber logs, compost logs, and rock logs that slow water and filter sediment. Fiber logs are used for inlet protection, ditch checks, and as perimeter control where silt fence is infeasible.

Rock Construction Entrance

Areas to Use: Sediment Control, Perimeter, Method

Method: A rock construction entrance is a bed of rocks that helps to remove sediment from vehicle tires. Rock construction entrances should be placed at all site access points. The use of 1 1/2 inch – 3 inch clear aggregate is recommended. Periodic cleaning or replacement is recommended.

Temporary Seeding

Areas to Use: Erosion Protection, Sediment Control, Perimeter, Slopes


Method: Temporary seeding allows plants to stabilize the soil through vegetation and root growth. A large variety of plants are available for temporary seeding of different conditions; the most common are rye grass, winter wheat, and oats.

Erosion Control Blanket or Hay Mat

Areas to Use: Erosion Protection, Sediment Control, Perimeter, Slopes


Method: Erosion control blanket is a mat made of netting layered with straw, wood, coconut or man-made fibers that prevents erosion by sheltering the soil from rainfall and runoff while holding moisture for establishing plants. Blankets are installed in channels.

Rock or Compost Bags

Areas to Use: Sediment Control, Slopes, Drainage System Inlets

Method: Rock and compost bags are filled bags that are used to filter water, control ditch grade, or to provide inlet protection.

Rock Check Dam

Areas to Use: Sediment Control, Drainageways

Method: Rock check dams are rocks piled across a ditch to slow flows and capture sediment. Rock checks are installed perpendicular to flow and should be wide enough to ensure that flow remains in the center.


Areas to Use: Erosion Protection, Drainage System Inlets

Method: Riprap is appropriately sized rocks that reduce the energy of fast moving flows. Riprap can be used along channels, ditches and outfalls.

Filter Bag

Areas to Use: Sediment Control, Drainage System Inlets

Method: Filter bags are mesh bags that capture sediment but allow water to pass through. Filter bags are installed in storm drain inlets.

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