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Benefits of a Vinyl Picket Fence


An American classic seen in iconic TV shows and movies, vinyl picket fences have provided homes with durable protection for several generations. Whether you want the classic vinyl white picket fence that is a staple in the picture-perfect American dream, or would rather stray away from the trends and pick a color and style that speaks to you, you cannot go wrong with protecting your property with a stylish vinyl picket fence!


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Customizable

Why Pick Vinyl Picket Fencing?


Durability and Weather Resistance

One of the best qualities of vinyl material is its extreme durability, making any picket fence made of it capable of enduring the most severe weather conditions ranging from intense rainfall to hail to snow. Weather resistance is especially important for fences in Louisiana, as fences have constant exposure to floods, harsh winds, and rain during hurricane season. Traditional wood picket fences enable moisture to enter, causing termite infestations or decay. Furthermore, when moisture penetrates a wood fence and then freezes, the water can pry out fractures, leaving the fence worn down and weak.  Luckily, vinyl picket fences are five times tougher than those made from wood, making vinyl the best option to go against Louisiana’s stormy weather. 


Affordability and Economic Perks

Building a picket fence with vinyl will initially cost more than using wood. However, opting for a vinyl fence is a lot more cost-effective in the long run.  As previously discussed, the durability of the vinyl makes fences built with low material maintenance and ultimately last longer than a fence made with wood or other materials that are not as weather resistant. Another upside to vinyl is that evolving technology makes it more affordable and accessible. 


With its longevity, easy maintenance, and decreasing price point, vinyl fences are a sustainable option for new homeowners and those looking to improve their well-loved properties. Their durability also gives those who plan on selling their property in the future an increased chance of making money back on their investment, as the fence will add value to putting their property back on the market.


Color and Style Options

A vinyl picket fence is an incredible choice in every aspect! Not only is vinyl durable, easy to install, and affordable, but the material offers room for customization and personal touches, as it comes in various colors and can be molded to fit numerous designs. Some of the most popular vinyl picket fence designs include 


  • Closed Vinyl Picket Fence
  • Closed Scalloped Picket Fence
  • Dropped Rail Scalloped Vinyl Picket Fence
  • Narrow Straight Vinyl Picket Fence
  • Square Scalloped Vinyl Picket Fence 
  • Wide Straight Picket Vinyl Picket Fence 
  • And more


Vinyl Picket Fence Installation Near Baton Rouge


Whether you want a vinyl picket fence to surround a cozy property, sprawling estate, or gorgeous garden, look no further than Supreme Fencing! Our fencing experts work diligently with every customer to ensure that their vinyl picket fence comes to full fruition and exceeds all expectations. Give us a call in Baton Rouge to discuss your plans with us so we can get started on building the perfect fence for your property as soon as possible!


A WhiteVinyl Picket Fence
Vinyl pickets from above
Vinyl Picket Fence and yellow flowers

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Popular Questions

What is vinyl?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), commonly called vinyl, is a modern fencing material that is both durable and adaptable, allowing for a variety of fence styles that will last for decades. As a type of plastic, vinyl that is designed for fence installation is usually formulated with additives and stabilizers to resist moderate impacts, weathering, and damage from the sun. Vinyl is also fairly affordable and readily available, so repairing a vinyl fence is usually pretty easy, when compared to other fencing materials out there.

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