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Wooden Lattice Fence

The Look of Lattice


Traditionally a wood lattice is a type of fence that intersects wooden slats at a ninety-degree angle to create grille-looking sections. Known for its versatility, you can utilize a lattice as a trellis, incorporate it into handrailing, add it to a pergola, or, most popularly, as a fence. No matter what you have in mind, a wooden lattice fence installed by the high-skilled contractors at Supreme Fencing LCC  is the perfect addition to any property!

Popular Wood Lattice Fence Designs


While there is no limit to the number of wood lattice variations, a few stunning patterns are the most popular among garden enthusiasts and landscapists. Here are the three most common designs: 



The most common design, the Crisscross lattice, consists of a diagonal or diamond-shaped pattern and is a beautiful addition to any classic garden!


Wood Fence with Lattice Top

Many people enjoy the look of lattice as a accent resting on top of their fence.


Square Hatch 

After its namesake, vertical and horizontal wooden slats are strategically placed to create a square lattice. This design usually appears in gardens and sometimes a part of gorgeous landscapes, as the square-shaped hole makes a perfect trellis for trailing plants and vines.


Open Weave 

Typically made of thicker slats, the open weave is the biggest type of lattice design. The wide gaps of the weave and its durability makes this lattice variation the best for showcasing flowers and vines in gazebos and massive gardens!


The best aspect of wood lattice fencing is that there are no restrictions, and you can find creative ways to branch off the three designs mentioned above. From a horizontal to spindle lattice, the patterns and ways you can place your wooden slats to build your fence are endless! In addition, the wood material can be stained or painted to customize its look further while providing UV and moisture protection, giving you a stunning residential fence that can last many years to come!


Benefits of Wood Lattice Fencing


Just like its design options, there are countless benefits to installing a wood lattice fence on your property! Some of the most-worthy reasons include:



Woven slats allow air to pass through the fence while providing seclusion from onlookers simultaneously. This duality gives you a feeling of privacy without sacrificing all the work you put into cultivating the appearance of your beautiful home.


Visually Pleasing

Unlike tall and bulky fences that overpower the view of your yard, a wood lattice design adds to your home's architecture and landscaping! Its eye-pleasing nature is why lattice fencing has become a staple for gardens, veranda enclosures, gazebos, patios, archways, and many other decorative spaces.



Aside from its endless aesthetically pleasing design possibilities, wood lattice fences are multi-functional! Depending on your needs, your design can provide as much privacy as you want! On the other hand, you can customize it to incorporate plants and act as a more decorative accent feature to your backyard instead.


Wood is Better

Building a lattice fence with wood is much more affordable than other materials. Wood is also one of the easiest materials to install when building a fence; on top of that, it is friendlier to the environment!


Wood Lattice Fence Company Near Baton Rouge


At Supreme Fencing, Louisiana's premier commercial and residential fence company, we prioritize ensuring you get the wood fence of your dreams. So call our office in Baton Rouge to speak with one of our team members and discuss your ideas for your wood lattice fence, so we can get started on bringing your vision to life! No idea is too big, and we have covered you no matter what you have in mind!


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Popular Questions

Is a wood lattice fence cheaper?

Foot for foot, a wood lattice fence will be cheaper than most other wood fence styles. Since wood lattice fencing uses less total material than solid board fences, the cost can be reduced by up to half. Of course, you have to factor in other things, like stain or sealer, and many times lattice is used in conjunction with sturdier builds, so the final cost of a wood lattice fence can vary a lot.

How long does wood lattice last?
What kind of wood is used for lattice work?
Does lattice provide privacy?

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