Vinyl Fence Installation Near Baton Rouge

vinyle fencing installation in bato rouge

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing


Vinyl fencing has continued to gain popularity. Today’s vinyl is strong, affordable, long lasting and has very low maintenance. Vinyl has many different design options available, whether you're looking for a farm fence or rail fence to close in larger areas, or just a simple privacy fence or even a small picket fence or an arbor for the entry or back yard. You can trust Supreme Fencing with your vinyl fence installation neaer Baton Rouge. There are plenty of reasons to go with vinyl over the more traditional wood fence or aluminum fence - let’s look at some of the benefits of vinyl fencing:


  • Aesthetics
  • Strong & Durable
  • Longevity
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Easy Installation


Vinyl has a unique, sleek and vibrant look that's tough to beat! Vinyl looks like wood, but its design and benefits can’t be matched. It comes in a variety of colors, and you never have to worry about painting, peeling or fading. One big advantage is that both sides of the fence are finished, so no exposed posts or rails, and you neighbors can benefit as well.


With vinyl, you never have to worry about the common effects of weather on fencing, like moisture, cracking, rotting, warping or even termites. Vinyl fencing will typically out last wood fences by many years. In Louisiana, the weather resistance is a big plus for homeowners, and you will never have to worry about rust, unlike wrought iron or chain link. Also, vinyl fencing can be recycled making it an eco-friendly fence. 


Another great benefit for vinyl fencing is its strength and flexibility. Vinyl is about 5X stronger than your average wood fence, so they can withstand some strong winds, making it a viable option in Louisiana.


To keep your vinyl fence looking fresh, just a wash down with a hose can be all you need. There is no need for scraping, sanding, staining or prime and paint, unlike wood or metal fencing.


Vinyl fencing installation can be done quicker than most fencing types. With vinyl you have interlocking panels, so no nails or screws are needed. It is also one of the lightest fences on the market, which is also a plus when installing.


Although vinyl may cost a little more than a wood fence, it's a better choice in the long run due to the low maintenance cost and the longer life span with a lifetime warranty. 


At Supreme Fencing, we take pride in providing customers with expert vinyl fence installation that's beautiful, functional and long-lasting! Contact our Prairieville or Baton Rouge location today for a free estimate or to speak to our fencing pros about how we can help bring your vinyl fencing vision to life!

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Popular Questions

What is vinyl?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), commonly called vinyl, is a modern fencing material that is both durable and adaptable, allowing for a variety of fence styles that will last for decades. As a type of plastic, vinyl that is designed for fence installation is usually formulated with additives and stabilizers to resist moderate impacts, weathering, and damage from the sun. Vinyl is also fairly affordable and readily available, so repairing a vinyl fence is usually pretty easy, when compared to other fencing materials out there.

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