Shadowbox Fence Installation Near Baton Rouge

Shadowbox Fencing Near Baton Rouge

What is a Shadowbox Fencing?


The Shadowbox is a type of fence with boards on both sides, creating a shadow effect. Also known as the “board-on-board” style, this type of fence is popular because it looks good from both sides! When building this style, a contractor uses tall wooden pickets that, when placed, mimic the appearance of a traditional fence when looking at it head-on.


However, the construction deviates from the typical design as they attach pickets to alternating sides of the fence rather than one side while intentionally leaving a two to three-inch space between each one. The result of this build is a structurally sound fence with an artful appearance that will enhance the character and look that you have come to love about your property!

Advantages of a Shadowbox Wood Fence


Shadowbox wood fencing is perfect for new homeowners or anyone looking to spruce up their old yard. The marriage between the shadowbox style and wood material creates a fence that gives privacy and an aesthetically pleasing view from every angle. Along with these advantages, there are several other perks of installing a shadowbox wood fence. 



The primary purpose of any residential fence is to provide privacy for homeowners and their property while relaxing at home or away on vacation. Wooden shadowbox fencing is a beautiful shield that can conceal a house from noisy neighbors or unwanted prying eyes. Commissioning a wood fence builder in Baton Rouge to install one is a proactive way to protect the privacy of your family and friends.



Another non-negotiable quality that everyone requires when building a fence is durability. Shadowbox wood fencing lives up to this challenging demand because the alternating pickets reinforce its stability and distribute the weight evenly among the rails. Along with proper maintenance, this unique design gives peace of mind that your fence will not fall apart during rain, wind, or sunshine.



Aside from it being stunning and sturdy, the inexpensive cost of wood makes it incomparable to any other material. Fences built of wrought iron, aluminum, and vinyl are undeniably eye-catching, but they are astronomically more expensive. However, building a shadowbox fence with wood will still yield a beautiful product that will last a long time without breaking the bank.



There are endless ways to customize a shadowbox wood fence with various wood, stain, and board design possibilities that can complement the overall design of a house. So whether you opt for Straight, Dog Ear, French gothic, or Gothic style, a shadowbox fence is the best way to go!


Shadowbox Fence Installation Near Baton Rouge


When the time comes for your residential fence installation, go to the supreme fencing company in Baton Rouge! At Supreme Fencing LLC, we understand the importance of privacy and security in your home. We can help you choose the right fencing option to suit your needs and maintain the look of your property.

So, when you're ready to install sturdy but elegant shadowbox fencing at your residence, we’ve got the skill to bring the fence of your dreams to fruition! If you are in southeast Louisiana, give our friendly team in Baton Rouge a call. Our team is happy to get started on your project and will do everything to accommodate your requests and needs!


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Popular Questions

Is a shadow box fence better?

Shadowbox wood fences provide better airflow and are as durable and beautiful as other solid board fences. Part of their durability comes from the gaps between boards that is the trademark of the shadowbox style. Wind is able to flow through the fence, as opposed to pushing on it, which in the most extreme cases can result in your fence falling over.  As with any wood fencing, proper maintenance will keep your shadowbox wood fence in good condition for many years to come!

Is a shadowbox wood fence more expensive?
Is shadowbox the same as board-on-board?

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