5 Signs Your Residential Fence Needs a Repair

Old and damaged wood fence

For years fences have been a surefire way to protect residential property. Throughout this time, fence designs, styles, and materials have gone out of popularity, each type being reliable yet not invincible to damage. Looking out for damages is always essential whether you have an estate enclosed by an ornate wrought iron fence or a wooden fence surrounding a home straight out of the American dream. Here are five key signs that your residential fence needs repair!

1. Leaning, Sagging, or Bending

Residential fences made of every material are susceptible to leaning, sagging, or bending under constant exposure to the outside elements. Wood fences are one of the most vulnerable types as the material can easily warp to water exposure and crack under immense pressure. 

Even though residential wood fences are notoriously susceptible to sustaining damage under harsh environmental conditions, Louisiana residents must be especially mindful because of the state’s wet climate. If your fence has any bending or sagging after a tropical storm or hurricane, it is most likely time for a repair. 

2. Damaged, Broken, or Missing Parts

General damages like having a broken or missing part are common among all types of residential fencing. Whether you have a vinyl fence or wood fence surrounding your property, the likelihood of encountering a broken or missing part at some point in time is high. 

The cause of fence damage varies and depends on location and climate. For example, in the south, hurricane season is the prime time for strong winds, muggy air, and nasty weather to destroy fences. You should always check your fencing for new cracks, gaps, and holes periodically and after a severe storm. There is a good chance that your fence will need repair, replacement, or extra care. 

3. Fading and Discoloration

Time inevitably takes a toll on every type of fence as fading to sun exposure, and discoloration to other outside elements is unavoidable. Vinyl fences especially are known to grow algae, moss, mildew, and mold, all of which stain and discolor their beautiful exterior. Fortunately, this damage typically is not permanent and can be easily cleaned by a professional. 

4. Rusting 

A wrought iron fence is one of the most stylish and strongest ways to protect your property from unwanted visitors. But, while fencing crafted of wrought iron can withstand the harshest winds and weather conditions, one thing can destroy even the sturdiest wrought iron fence—rust. The recipe for rust is quite simple, as it only takes the right amount of rain and humidity to form. 

Unfortunately for residents, the swampy state of Louisiana has one of the highest relative humidity in the country. Combining the state's muggy atmosphere with a simple rainfall creates the perfect environment for rust formation. So if you notice crumbly specks of an orangey brown on your fence or its hinges, address it immediately, or else the rust will get worse and spread. 

5. Pest Infestation and Rot

Another pitfall to residential wood fences is the increased risk of pest infestation and rot. Just like rust, Louisiana’s hot and humid climate creates the perfect environment for pests to feast on all things made of wood, including fences. Signs of pest damage are easy to notice, and infested wood often has moisture damage, mildew, sporadic spots of buckling, and termite mazes.

Rotting is another thing that commonly ruins fences built in subtropical climates. Constant exposure to moisture can cause it to seep into the wood, which ultimately eats away at the material, compromising the fence's structural integrity.

Fence Repair in Baton Rouge

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