What are the Best Commercial Fencing Options for Your Business?

Every business is unique, but all businesses can benefit from the added security a properly-installed fence can provide. Fences keep your assets safe while preventing unwanted access to your property, which also protects you from liability. While you might think that fences seem uninviting to customers, many more aesthetically-pleasing fencing options exist.

The most important thing to consider when deciding on a commercial fence for your business is what type of security you need. By choosing the right type of commercial-grade fencing, you’ll improve your business’s security.

Chain Link

With its affordability and durability, a chain link fence is a great choice for many businesses. Of course, the trade-off with that affordability is aesthetics: chain-link fences aren’t the most attractive fencing choice. If your business is in an industrial park and you need a fence solely for on-site security, or if you don’t have a particularly customer-facing building, chain link can be the best option for the job.

When built with the correct gauge to a sufficient height, chain link fencing can be the perfect deterrent to those who would trespass on your business’s property. If you only need a security fence, chain link is probably your best bet.

Aluminum or Wrought Iron

If your business depends on a certain aesthetic to invite customers in, a more ornamental fence type is more fitting. Aluminum and wrought iron fences provide the same security considerations as a chain link fence, while looking much more welcoming to customers and accenting your business’s lot.

Of course, this beauty comes with a higher price. You’ll need to figure out how much you’re willing to spend on the initial outlay and ongoing maintenance cost of your wrought iron or aluminum fencing, since especially wrought iron can rust if it’s not properly coated. However, if you’re willing to perform proper maintenance, these fences can last you for years while providing your business with a charm that’s sure to attract customers.

Another benefit of ornamental fencing is in the variety of available styles, as well as its better security than a chain link fence: aluminum and iron fencing is much more difficult to scale and nearly impossible to cut through, making this type the best commercial fence choice in many cases.


For commercial applications, wood fencing generally is the least-used of all the fencing types. It requires more upkeep than other types, and because of its private nature, can obscure your business from view and even give an intruder somewhere to hide.

However, if your business is in a residential area or borders one, a wooden fence can help blend in with the residences nearby or keep the neighborhood out of your property. You probably don't want a wooden fence to completely surround your lot, but they can be a good choice for a single barrier or a nicer-looking enclosure for, say, a dumpster.

Enhance Your Property with Commercial Fencing in Baton Rouge

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